CRAN status

Quarto is an open-source scientific and technical publishing system built on Pandoc.

The quarto package provides an R interface to frequently used operations in the Quarto Command Line Interface (CLI). The package is not a requirement for using Quarto with R. Rather, it provides an R interface to common Quarto operations for users who prefer to work in the R console rather than a terminal, and for package authors that want to programatically interface with Quarto.

Before using the Quarto R package, you should install the Quarto CLI from

Render and Preview

The following functions enable you to render and preview Quarto documents and projects:

quarto_render() Render a file or project
quarto_preview() Live preview a file or project
quarto_preview_stop() Stop live previewing
quarto_run() Run interactive document


These functions enable you to publish static and interactive documents, websites, and books to Posit Connect and

quarto_publish_doc() Publish a document or presentation
quarto_publish_site() Current version of Quarto
quarto_publish_app() Inspect metadata for a file or project


These functions enable you to inspect the Quarto installation as well as the metadata for Quarto documents and projects:

quarto_path() Path to the Quarto binary
quarto_version() Current version of Quarto
quarto_inspect() Inspect metadata for a file or project